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Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities

The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, Fine Art & Natural History is a treasure-trove of oddities tucked away behind an unassuming facade at 11 Mare Street in London.

Housing  a collection of natural and medical history specimens as well as original art, humorous artifacts, and erotica, the museum is sure to ignite the imaginations of those who love the weird and wonderful.

Here is a selection of some of my favorites from a visit there a couple of years ago. To find out more about Viktor Wynd, his collection and ongoing events, check out The Last Tuesday Society website.

The BBC featured the museum in a video editorial entitled “Viktor Wynd’s Wonder Room” in 2015.

Viktor Wynd Collection Animal Skulls

Medical Specimen

Viktor Wynd's Mummified Cat

Mummified Pig Fetus

Viktor Wynd

Two Headed Lamb

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