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Leichenwasser: Short Film Sets


“Leichenwasser” is the story of one man’s pursuit for his fountain of youth. He establishes a strange, dependent relationship with an embalmer he never meets, who spends her days poetically washing the dead and providing him with the water touched by bygone souls.

About the sets:

The film was shot in two locations- an interior studio set-up and an exterior scene. The primary set in which the main embalmer character sits was comprised of a fabric draped table and X-ray covered windows for an eerie light effect. A smaller set made with a fake wall and shelves was located adjacent to it so that the camera could pan seamlessly between the two locations.


Directed, shot, edited, with art direction, sets + music by:
Talissa Mehringer © 2011

Sync Sound: Dan Schneidkraut
Embalmer: Carol Vnuk
Younger Man: Seth Patterson
Older Man: Joel Thingvall

Watch the full film here.

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