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Infinity: Short Film Art Direction

Infinity - Short Film Urbex Scene 1
Infinity - Short Film Urbex Demon Scene
Infinity - Short Film Urbex Mural Scene
Infinity - Short Film Urbex Ghost Scene
Infinity - Short Film Urbex Scene 2

The film depicts the story of a man who has been condemned to wander the rooms of an abandoned building painting the walls with an infinity symbol. He is haunted by apparitions representative of his inner demons from which he cannot escape.

About the sets:

‘Infinity’ was shot at two abandoned locations in Berlin, Germany. The art direction combined hand-made props with murals painted on-location to add to the surreal atmosphere of the derelict environments.


Directed, Filmed, Edited, with Sets, Costumes by: Talissa Mehringer © 2011-present.. in proress.

Main Character: Ed Carey
Demon: Ema Alaniz
Production Assistants: Alesa Mustar, Laia Alba la Dejo




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