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II. Städtischer Friedhof Eythstraße

The II. Städtischer Friedhof Eythstraße was established in 1908 and contains a wonderful surprise which is home to much wildlife. Located within its grounds is a protected natural monument, the Krumme Pfuhl- a small lake surrounded by patches of dense reeds, trees and sloping banks.


Upon approaching the Krumme Pfuhl, it became apparent very quickly just how much activity was occurring in its brush. A heron stood majestically on a moss-covered stump, coots noisily chased each other around the water and ducklings frantically followed their mom and were light enough to step up onto the lily pads. A rare sight to behold was a pair of stunningly colored mandarin ducks with bright orange plumage with hints of glimmering blues and purples.

We set up a camera directly in front of the stump in the hopes of filming the heron close up. After about 20 minutes of waiting around with lots of activity from all of the other birds occurring just off-screen, I got pissed off and removed the camera. Two minutes later, the stupid heron landed on the stump… so much for my nature documentary career…

Talissa Mehringer © 2019

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