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Grunewald Cemetery

Tucked away between a series of busy train lines lies a beautiful little cemetery established in 1892- Grunewald. Because of its peculiar location, it became known as the “Island of the Dead.”

An autumn visit is highly recommended as the bright yellows and reds of the changing leaves only add to the enchantment of this hidden enclave.

Autumn Leaves at Grunewald

As is the case with many cemeteries in Berlin, Grunewald feels like an oasis among bustling city life where nature finds a place to flourish. Sure enough during our first visit, a large bird of prey dramatically swooped in from above and landed high up on a barren branch. A second one joined soon after and made an unsuspecting wood pigeon take a drastic turn mid-flight.

Weathered Beauty at Grunewald Cemetery

The inconspicuous entrance consists of an elegant but rather nondescript iron gate leading onto a bridge over the train tracks below. It is only after rounding the corner we discover that there is anything of interest to be found here at all.

Statues at Grunewald Cemetery

Looking down the tree-lined path, a glimpse of the pretty red brick neogothic chapel can be seen. It was built around 1894 and expanded/redesigned in 1902 by the architects Zaar & Vahl famous for their sculptural elephant entrance of the Berlin Zoo.

The Neogothic Chapel at Grunewald

There are plenty of stunning graves to pique a history buffs interest including an ornately carved wooden coffin visible in the Schröter Family mausoleum, or the intricate mosaic work on Dr. Bernhard Dernburg’s grave. Hans Geiger, renowned physicist and inventor of the Geiger counter, also has a resting place among the trees and flowers of Grunewald.

Intricate Mosaic Work

Luckily, the cemetery was declared a historical monument in 1995 and given protected status. As a result, this beautiful garden and open air gallery will be preserved for others to enjoy for many years to come.

Visit Grunewald at: Bornstedter Straße 11-12, 10711 Berlin

Beautiful Mosaic Angel
Beautiful Mosaic Angel Detail
Weathered Stone Grave at Grunewald
Weathered Sphinx at Grunewald
Pensive Statue at Grunewald Cemetery

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