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Die Rothaarige: Film Set/Costume

Die Rothaarige - Magical Basin

Die Rothaarige - Headdresses

Die Rothaarige - Witch

Die Rothaarige - Red Headdress

Die Rothaarige - Relics Set

Die Rothaarige - Crown


“Die Rothaarige” (or “The Redhead”) is the story of a trichotillomanic witch who has pulled out all of her hair in an anxious search for objects that will help her re-grow the locks she’s lost so ironically.
She sits in front of a basin of water and when she reaches in, her hands emerge in a surreal vignette to extract the objects that have the magical potential to fulfill her desire.
The film is based on red hair historically being seen as a symbol of mystery, hot temperament, and association with witches.

About the sets:

The film takes place in one location- a primary set with painted fabric walls and large metal basin. As the main character reaches in to the basin, the film cuts to an alternate set created with various relics, old books and antiques.


Directed, Filmed, Edited, with Sets, Costumes, and music By: Talissa Mehringer © 2011

Actress: Sheila Regan
Production Assistant: Rasun Mehringer

Watch the full film here.

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