Talissa Mehringer

. . . multimedia dark artist . . .

Artist Statement

Transfigurations Multimedia Installation

My work springs from a desire to create timeless representations of dreams and the subconscious. I attempt to bring to life mind-and-soul processed experiences where the surreal and often darker-themed subjects I create represent elements, feelings, and traits every person possesses. They portray a beauty in the darker side of life and blend melancholia with nostalgia- a familiar sadness we’ve all experienced.

When painting in urban environments, inspiration is drawn from the locations and textures of the walls encountered, and I seek to create interactive experiences with the buildings, walls, and passersby. This passion for creating a dialog between the figures and their surroundings, was born back in 2012 when I learned to spray paint in Berlin’s atmospheric abandoned buildings.

I’m a German/Mexican multimedia and street artist residing in Berlin. I was lucky to travel extensively as a child due to my parents’ work as social anthropologists. I grew up primarily in the U.S. and studied film and media arts in New York, which was an instrumental factor in helping me develop my surreal, phantasmagoric style.

At the age of six, I traveled with my parents to Brazil as part of their fieldwork and was initiated into the Canela tribe, surrounded by the lush green of the Amazon basin. Later, my family moved to Tanzania, where I was allowed to witness and participate in the ceremonial festivities of the Maasai People. The beautiful sound of their singing and their terracotta-red-dyed fabrics, colorful beaded jewelry, and elaborate hairstyles were incredibly inspiring to my young mind.

These early life experiences ignited my deep passion for adventure, history, and learning, which influences my creative practice to this day.

Film, photography, installations, and printmaking are all mediums where I enjoy letting my imagination run wild.

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