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Adapted Memories

Discarded family albums, faded negatives, torn bits of photographs + scrapbooks full of meticulously detailed holidays… These are remnants of the nostalgic efforts of individuals trying to preserve and hold on to fond memories to re-experience later, or to hand down to future generations. But what happens when the intended trajectory of these artifacts of time is interrupted?

With the warmth of familiarity removed, can an artificial nostalgia evoke some of the same feelings?


These items cleared out at estate sales, piled high in boxes with random household junk at flea-markets, no longer have an associated individual to provide the factual context. What’s left in the timeline of these images , is a stranger’s applied imagination. For them to continue ‘living’, they need new eyes cast upon them and new stories devoted.

“Adapted Memories” seeks to do just that.

The Window that Never Existed
The window that never existed…

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